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Our Brands


Real carp fishing enthusiasts with the most cutting edge equipment know that the tool that makes the difference is the rod. This is why so many of them already own K-Karp rods. All models, irrespective of their cost, have been designed and stringently tested to give the very best performance possible.

Distance, precision and strength, these rods have all the characteristics that can be desired. Every model has new features, such as the new epoxy varnishes used for the bindings, the latest K-Karp anatomic reel-seat to provide maximum comfort and perfect grip during casting and fighting, the quality of Fuji guides and the new tying system that stays clean and unaltered over time. If you are an expert carp fisherman who wants to excel, or just an average enthusiast who wants to improve performance, these rods are the right choice for you.


Maybe the first time it was during a session of carp fishing, when instead of a beautiful mirror over 20 it was him to come, the hungry big cat. Or maybe it was listening to the stories of other fishermen.

In any case, at some point the fever is rising, the uncontrollable desire to fight with a fish that has become the protagonist of legendary exploits . With the largest freshwater fish that you will probably catch in your life. With a very special predator, able to hunt like a shark or being gentle as a mother goose when defending its nests and its offspring. This is the spring that triggered some members of the K-Karp team, little by little, led to the idea of Catgear. At one point, the cat fever is not enough to live with it only along the rivers, at some point the fever is so high that you start to think about it day and night, wondering what you can do to catch a larger fish.

We started with an idea, we modified some existing rods and then we started designing new ones. At that point, we even didn’t realize, but we were deeply in it. We have become big cats ourselves, sly but dangerous, able to wait in our lair until the conditions are not the right ones to start our second life of predators. We found that this feeling was beautiful and we want to involve all of you. We will take care of you as a mother catfish do with its offspring.


Spinning & Vertical Jigging
The Rapture brand enclose a wide set of rods and much more accessories to meet the market demand for higher quality products. Our products born of the experience of our professional anglers to worldwide.

Our goal is always to build spinning rods of high quality and value. Lightness, speed, accuracy of the actual powers declared,quality finishes and attention to detail put the Rapture Spinning range at the top of what is currently available in the market. The extreme versatility allows these rods to target the majority of predators in freshwater and saltwater.

Vertical Jigging
We are always attentive to the evolution of the various fishing disciplines, and therefore, this year we have dedicated ample space to what we believe is the “last frontier” of lures fishing – the so-called “VERTICAL JIGGING”. An entire section of our catalogue is dedicated to the presentation of these products that are generating just as much interest from sea anglers. All the products are designed and equipped with the features and components suitable to withstand the salt air and heavy use at sea. At the same time the aesthetics have not been ignored, thereby offering a range of new products that as well as being efficient are beautiful to see and hold.