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Maxel Trolling & Jigging Reels

Seawolf Trolling Reels

SeaWolf series is our fist adventure in game fishing reels ever since our humble beginnings. With year of our continuous focus and dedication to excellence, we are proudly to present serious anglers big game trolling reels with a blend of tough design, precision engineering and all corrosion resistant materials.


Sealion Jigging Reels

lncorporating Maxel’s precision engineering technology, redesigned with new optimum mechanism and added features, the New SeaLion series will give anglers more confidence and power during overhead jigging and live baiting. The New SeaLion reels are constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum with ported cross bars for weight reduction, and narrow spool for larger line capacity.


Sealion OB Reels

Following the big success that the Maxel reels had in the market during the last season, here is the new model, designed for trolling with braided lines.The team of Maxel engineers worked hard to give to the anglers the opportunity to use an hyper technological reel, specifically for the braided users. It is the right model to fish with the downrigger and with the drift lead. To do so we increased the capacity of the spool, granting always the possibility to spool enough meters of the big diameter braided required.