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GNT 2014

We present you the range of competition pole rods that represents the final result of an intensive and accurate work scheduling that starts with an idea, pass through design and ends with the rods you will use. Every rod of the range is then equipped with a tool pack that will satisfy the more demanding contestant. Only at this stage the GNT Pole Rods are ready to be launched into the market to support a sporting instinct that exceeds the limits.


Reglass concept

gnt 915

The prestigious series of poles MATCH ONE TRABUCCO is enriched this year of the new GNT 915, fantastic rod , designed and engineered to be the number one among the ultra light match poles. Reglass built it exclusively for with the finest materials, with the most innovative resins and is equipped with all the patents they registered. Telling you the GNT 915 is lighter and stiffer than the previous model is simplistic because the difference of down force , balance and stiffness compared to any other rod is truly sensational . That’s why you need to try it. To achieve such a result it was necessary to work on multiple fronts, from the profile of the top 4, that has been completely revised , lightened and with proper stiffness, up to intensive research on the production of prepreg materials and high technology . Talking about the fibers used to build the rod, thay are normally used only for the aerospace industry and they are called High Grade Carbon Fibre PAN H85 H95 and have a high degree of rigidity and are certified to ensure maximum performance and safety during competitions . In addition, each detail makes the difference , length of sections, layers and fiber orientation , nothing is left to chance and everything is tied to profiles and dimensions of each element for maximum homogeneity in the reactions due to stress during the competitions. If all this were not enough , its length of 13.00 meters is real and it is not necessary to excessively cut the tip to host the more used diameters . It is made from section 5 to the base, with the same mandrels of the GNT 715 Match Carp , which can therefore be used if necessary as a mule and as an extension of the kits to be used in competition. With 915 GNT MATCH ONE experience of Champions is put at the disposal of your sporting instinct .

Pole Package: 1x GNT 915 MATCH ONE 13.00m / 3x Kit Competition 5 Sections / 1x Competition Cupping Kit 2 Pz / 1x Mini Extension / 2x Pole Pots /  tube rod holdall

Code Description Mt Diameter C.Lenght Weight Sect.
GNT 915 Match One Full Package 13.00 - - - -
139-42-210 GNT 915 Match One 13.00m 13.00 45 188 950 9


Reglass concept

gnt 715

The new GNT 715 MATCH CARP is the evolution of poles successful GNT 675 MATCH CARP from last season. Further improved in balance and rigidity , it proves powerful and reliable with the use of robust top kit Power, maneuverable and responsive if fitted with top light kit Competition , in fact, the top 4 and 5 are perfectly interchangeable with previous versions . It is important to point out that, depending on the kit which is equipped, this rod can easy change from a real CARP rod,  that grinds kilograms in speed, to a light and balanced Macth one, always maintaining a linear and progressive action. We offer to all the anglers the GNT 715 MATCH CARP , a truly versatile top range rod, a rod you can count on both in canal and in carpodromo.

Pole Package: 1x GNT 715 MATCH CARP 13.00m / 3x Kit Power 5 Sections / 1x Competition Cupping Kit 2 Pz / 1x Mini Extension / 2x Pole Pots /  tube rod holdall

Code Description Mt Diameter C.Lenght Weight Sect.
GNT 715 Match Carp Full Package 13.00 - - - -
139-42-310 GNT 715 Match Carp 13.00m 13.00 45 188 950 9


Reglass concept

GNT 485

Demon Carp has been equipped with all the features, quality and technology that are needed to compete in venues such as carpdromo or extreme rivers where the equipment is subjected to very strong stress fighting with big and strong fish. In these cases you need tough and reliable materials which does not suffer wear as those used to build the Gnt 485 Demon Carp. In fact, the high modulus carbon is coated with NTF, which makes it harder preventing crushing, really wear-resistant and waterproof. The top kit 4pcs. and 5pcs. are exchangeable with GNT 715 and 915 giving you the chance to have a specific rod for carp and at the same time increase the number of kits available for your GNT top range rods. . A product made in Italy by Reglass synonymous with quality and ongoing assistance in time, offered at a very attractive price.

Pole Package: 1x GNT 485 DEMON CARP  13.00m / 1x Kit Power 4 Sections / 1x Cupping & Power Kit 2 Pz / 1x Mini Extension / 2x Pole Pots /  tube rod holdall
Code Description Mt Diameter C.Lenght Weight Sect.
GNT 485 Demon Carp Full Package 13.00 - - - -
139-41-910 GNT 485 Demon Carp 13.00m 13.00 45 180 1080 9

SUN CORE - A carbon and resin treatment providing an anti-friction finish that enables the pole to be shipped with incredible ease during wet or dry conditions. This revolutionary surface not only adds strength, but also protects the overall fishing action during hot and cold temperatures.
Nanolith - Nanolith is a special resin with a nanometric particles, who can easily insert themselves into carbon filaments and epoxy resin assuring this way an improvement of the mechanical characteristics. This to obtain an even more prompt action which results more stable and lighter pole.
Anti Friction System - The Anti-Friction System is a particular process that during the production “prints” on the section a microscopic rough mat layer. This layer offers several improvements to the pole, such as easier shipping and unshipping, lighter section and improves the long-lasting.
Magic Steps - Present in the 2 and 1 sections, this new technology is an industry first providing the angler with a silky smooth elastic system. A series of teflon coated inner steps prevents the elastic from making contact with the inner wall of the pole sections, substantially reducing elastic stick, allowing the elastic to gather quickly.
Fusion - Fusion is two high modulus carbons fused together as one whilst wrapped on the mandrel. The end result being ultra rigid top kits with no tip bounce, allowing the angler to hit lightening fast bites with ease. 
Teflon Joint - The Teflon Joints consists in a Teflon coating resin applied onto the male joint. This coating prevent a longer lasting on the section and a perfect precision of the fittings. it also avoid the joints to get stuck when wet or dirty. This concept is applied both on the original sections of the poles and the spare kits.
Clean Cap System - The Clean Caps are made of medium density foam, and have a double utility: every time the male section is fitted, the lips of the Clean Caps clean the inner part of the joint, avoiding dangerous scratches by the sand or dust. In addition to that, once fitted in the male joint, they seal the section avoiding them to sink.