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Sirenia MN

Innovative 3 sections blank designed in co operation with Michele Nardi. The Sirenia is a special Beach Ledgering rod with a single tubular tip with great sensitivity. The rod is extremely light due to the use of the CX-2 Nano Tek Carbon and its bending curve is progressive and reactive enough to get casting performance very close to stiffer surf casting rods. This is really an outstanding example of good engineering where Nardi could add his own experience. Components are top level and include SiC Sea Guide guides with titanium corrosion free frame, Fuji Gold reel seat and aluminium/ribber butt cap.


Titanium Guide
The inner stone, made of SiC, is the best you can get in term of smoothness, heat dispersion and abrasion resistance. But the strongest point of the new Titanium guides is undoubtedly the stiffness and the lightness of the frame. Titanium is also salt water resistant, so this material has incredible properties indeed! A rod equipped with Titanium guides will always have superior performance because the action of the blank will not be influenced by the weight of the guides.

Fuji Gold Reel Seat
You cannot avoid to use a Fuji equipment when you want a first quality accessory for your rod. Surf Casting anglers usually mistreat their rods, using them in an aggressive environment and in extremely tough conditions. The Fuji Gold reel seat is the best you can get in terms of longevity and safety, always keeping your reel right into its position without any problem for years and years.

Butt cap
The Sirenia is an outstanding rod that is light and robust. That’s why we decided to equip it with a rubber Butt Cap. The rubber sort we used is extremely tough, standing against abrasions and salt water, but it is also extremely light. To some people it can seem a worthless detail but, on the contrary, it is icing on the cake. And we love to take care of our products, even for the smallest details.

Code Mt C.Lenght Sections C.W. Guides
4.20 144 3 100 Titanium SiC
170-94-450 4.50 157 3 100 Titanium SiC
170-94-500 5.00 170 3 100 Titanium SiC