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A new rod and a devolution in 3 sections Surf rods segment. The Athena is born from the need of the most experienced anglers and thanks to the building capacity offered by the ultimate technology. The powerful progressive action allows to cast a mile away almost effortlessly. But despite other 3 sections rods, the Athena is really fast reactive with the tip coming back into its position in a while, and so it is much more precise and accurate. The tip itself is a master piece, since it is involved both during the casting action and very sensitive on fish bites. In short we are dealing about a true top level competition rod. Beside the great casting skills, this rod is really light weight and balance, very important features when you are facing long sessions on shallow beaches that force the angler to cast always at maximum distance all the time. We really believe this rod will become the leading actor of the 2014 season. The blank is finished with the Zero Friction Blank technology and equipped with SiC guides.


Code Mt C.Lenght Sections C.W. Guides
4.20 145 3 160 Sea Guide SiC
171-67-200 4.20 145 3 200 Sea Guide SiC