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Energhia XLT Bolo

The extreme lightness without forgetting resistance: an achievable task only if you have access to the nanotechnological resins that weld ultra-fine carbon fabrics, giving life to extraordinary cohesive structures, which X-Joint technology can coordinate at the best. This is the cold technical content of our Energhia XLT, but are the emotions that make them unique: the sense of something exclusive, the feeling given by the action, balance, precision of response and the very modern cosmetics. Today the Energhia get rid of guides and reel seat to satisfy the personal taste of the fans, to be approved by the numerous Italian rod builders who realize refined and exclusive wrappings, marrying their creativity to the one that has always distinguished the brand.

XLT LITE - It is the lightest action among the Energhia XLT, soft enough and fine in the profile to sharply cut the air and push the smallest floats at considerable distances. With reel’s drag set at slow pressure, the fun is guaranteed, but when it’s time to close, the central sections display a perfect curve with respect to the others. Suggested hooklinks up to 0,16 mm.

 Energhia XLT Lite

Code Length C.Length Wt Sections
6.00 m 140 cm 185 g 6
121-15-700 7.00 m 140 cm 245 g 7

XLT ENERGY - The red colour gives an immediate sense of sporting challenge, which the rod interprets with a balanced mix of strength and sweetness, to give and to ask in the right moments, carrying out prolonged fights with important fish. And when it is vertical, with the landing net doing its duty, it calls the third section to help. Suggested hooklinks up to 0,18 mm.

 Energhia XLT Energy

Code Length C.Length Wt Sections
6.00 m 140 cm 190 g 6
121-16-700 7.00 m 140 cm 250 g 7

XLT FORCE - When you need some “body” to cast a 20 grams float, when it urges authority to change direction to a fish that wants to reach an underwater snag or gain the current of the river, then the green becomes indispensable, with its great strength that however does not exclude a certain finesse in the head. Suggested hooklinks up to 0,20 mm.

 Energhia XLT Force

Code Length C.Length Wt Sections
6.00 m 140 cm 200 g 6
121-15-700 7.00 m 140 cm 255 g 7

ASSEMBLY SET - Since the Energhia XLT are only available in the naked version, it is possible to buy separately an assembly set, prepared for rods of 6 meters and 7 meters length. The set consists of Sea Guide long-leg guides and top guide with SiC ring and stainless steel frame protected against corrosion by the PVD process (Physical Vapor Deposition). The size 6 plate reel seat is an ALPS stainless steel model with rubber lined hoods and rubber shock absorber.

 Assembly set

Code Description
Energhia XLT Bolo 6006 Assembly Set
121-15-007 Energhia XLT Bolo 7007 Assembly Set

Rods produced in limited edition and numbered one by one in the special window on the handle. A screen-printed line on the handle area makes it easy to wrap the plate reel seat at exactly 180° to the Energhia logo. In addition to the internal butt cap, the Energhia XLT are equipped with a lightweight EVA cap to protect it from impacts and scratches. The Energhia XLT are available just as blanks, thus without guides and reel seat, in order to allow their customization.