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Zero FA

• High strength X-Tra light pure CX Carbon body & rotor • Double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings • Stainless steel one way clutch instant anti-reverse bearing • Stainless steel main shaft & main gear shaft • Aluminium V-Spool design for increased casting distance • Front drag with stainless steel & carbon textile washers • Fully sealed drag (100% water & dust proof) • Positive screw-lock CNC handle & lightweight EVA knob • Large diameter aluminium Powerbail, with Anti-Twist titanium line roller

It is so called because its weight is really low, but talking about lightness, in case of Zero, is not enough to build up a true image, for two reasons. First: in your hands the reel offers an extraordinary feeling, which goes beyond the cold scale data. Second: weight doesn’t count for anything, if it’s not associated with strength, resilience and capacity to easily bring line in, even under a strong pull.

While fishing, the Zero develops a unique mix of power and sensitivity; the first one does not need explanations, the second one inscribes the reel in the tackle system as a vital protagonist, because it conveys a lot of information to the user’s hand, while the absence of anti-reverse system enhances it. The irreplaceable characters behind of all these merits are reel’s body and rotor, created from carbon of the highest elasticity modulus, a material that offers same stiffness of aluminium, at 50% of its weight. In a very rigid body, the rotating elements work without constraints, as the structure that hosts them doesn’t deform under load. Handle and drive gear work in close relationship to delete plays and power losses.

in alluminio forgiato a freddo. 
Ingranaggi interni in Acciaio Inox. 
Frizione in Carbonio sigillata con speciale
grasso lubrificante.
4 cuscinetti a sfera incamiciati in acciaio inox.
Tolleranza estremamente ridotta per evitare
sovrapposizioni di filo.
Sistema clicker totalmente costruito in Acciaio Inox.
Albero e guida bobina in Acciaio Inox altissima resistenza. 
Piede in Alluminio anodizzato lavorato CNC. 
Stabilizzatore cuscinetti sull’albero principale per evitare eccessiva pressione sui cuscinetti della bobina. 
Impugnatura T-Power per la massima potenza
di recupero e comfort. 
Morsetti per canna e alette per imbracatura
in Acciaio Inox. 
Identificazione seriale su ogni mulinello.

Code Model Wt (g) Gear Ratio Capacity Extra Spool BB

2500 207 5.2:1 (79 cm) Ø 260 - 200 m - 7+1
034-51-350 3500 214 5.2:1 (84 cm) Ø 285 - 210 m - 7+1
034-51-450 4500 270 5.2:1 (89 cm) Ø 285 - 280 m - 7+1
034-51-550 5500 277 5.2:1 (94 cm) Ø 310 - 270 m - 7+1
034-51-925 Aluminium Spare Spool 2500 Ø 260 - 200 m
034-51-935 Aluminium Spare Spool 3500 Ø 285 - 210 m
034-51-945 Aluminium Spare Spool 4500 Ø 285 - 280 m
034-51-955 Aluminium Spare Spool 5500 Ø 310 - 270 m