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GNT X 925 Station

• Innovative tubular aluminium frame  • Six Ø 25 mm legs (four telescopic) • Wide, tilting mud feet • Sliding aluminium footplate • Non-marking screws • Padded pole gel seat • Padded and adjustable shoulder strap • Removable base unit, made of: upper tray 4 cm deep, central unit with 2 front drawers, lower tray 4 cm deep • Accessories’ tray below seat, 4 cm deep • Compatible with all Genius components and accessories

New fishing station which has been engineered starting from the positive experience of GNT-SL model, which has had a great success amongst match anglers across whole Europe. The frame is actually a stunning mix of art and technology, with the fantastic aluminium “bridge” which keeps the seat up and distributes the load directly to the four main legs, as well as it signs the seatbox as one of the most beautiful ones ever seen in the market. The aggressive red frame is the only fashion detail, as everything else is oriented to extreme functionality, in line with the other products in the range.

The product is extremely light and rigid, but, at first sight, is the general compactness to strongly draw the attention. In fact, the seatbox body’s height is limited to 48 cm, but the gap between footplate and seat can be quickly increased removing the lower set of drawers and placing it on top, just below the cushion. The sliding GNT footplate is confirmed also on this model, with the holes destined to provide a safe grip, as it’s still unrivalled in term of adaptation to the ground profile.

Model Code
Seatbox GNT X 925 Station 116-00-660